Combination Jet/Vac Series

Aquatech B10 combination jetter/vacuum sewer truck Australia

Aquatech Sewer Cleaning Trucks are user-friendly but also tough enough to tackle any application. These Jet/Vac Combination units use high-pressure water jetting combined with a high-flow vacuum source to clean out pipes and sewers and then vacuum up the material, which returns and maintains normal sewer flow.

These units feature a level of performance not before seen in Australia, in particular the CFM rating of the blowers. The Aquatech B10 Guardian feature a no-load blower rating of 5750 CFM, but what is more significant is that the Roots WHISPAIR positive displacement blower is able to maintain an unprecedented 2000CFM at 27HG of vacuum. This is over 30% higher CFM under load than the Australian sewer truck market has seen previously.

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